All contributions made before the election period begins in September will be made to the Waterloo - PPC Association

Contribution Rules

Contributions are subject to restrictions outlined in the Elections Canada Act and are eligible for a tax receipt. For 2019, donors are permitted to contribute a maximum of $1600 to the district associations and candidates of our party. All donations made to our District Association will be issued a receipt valid for income tax purposes. Contributions are eligible for a tax credit on your income tax return. Your first $400 are eligible for a 75% tax credit, your next 350 are eligible for a 50% tax credit, and any further donations are eligible for a 33% tax credit for a total annual maximum credit of $650.

Accountability is our Priority

Our party works for accountability both in Ottawa and locally in our District Association. Members who have donated are welcome to review the District Association’s financial records and statements. Feel free to contact the treasurer at if you want more information on how your donation is being spent.