A message from Erika

I am proud to be your People’s Party Candidate for Waterloo riding.

I am the mother of two young adults, a lawyer in the Kitchener Courts, and live in Uptown Waterloo with my daughter and our dog.

In 2014, I ran a mayoral campaign finishing second behind our current Mayor. My mayoral run was an opportunity for me to hear from the many individuals, families and stakeholders in our community about the issues and difficulties facing them.

I have been a voluntary Board member at the Sunbeam Center for the past five years, serving as Board Chair and President for the last two. During my time at Sunbeam Center it became apparent that the most vulnerable members of our community are not being caught in the safety net intended for them, but rather face longer and longer waiting lists and difficulty accessing necessary care. While the most vulnerable are left under-serviced or on waiting lists, we have seen Government cronyism give billions of dollars to both profitable and unprofitable corporations, and we have seen billions of dollars leave Canada to questionable and unaccountable causes. This is wrong. I hope you join me in wanting to do something about what is wrong.

I believe that government overreach and waste has gone too far, stifling the economic activity that is vital to address the mounting needs and economic interests in Waterloo. I firmly believe that stakeholders are better qualified to invest in solutions than government, and therefore that de-regulation and a greatly reduced tax burden are key to kick-start the economic activity that has otherwise not been able to respond to need and market demand. I have long believed that individual and economic freedom brings innovation, investment and philanthropy as well as optimism about the future. We cannot continue down the road we are on with crushing debt, deficit and tax burden, and attacks on our personal freedoms, most significantly on our freedom of speech. It’s never just a motion, or a non-binding agreement – it’s a foreshadowing of things to come.

I strongly believe in the separation of Church and State. It is not the place of Politicians to play favourites among religions but rather Politicians must ensure that we have a healthy arm’s length dividing government from religion. Religious freedom in Canada means the right of individuals to worship and live in the manner they choose provided that it does not infringe upon the right of others to do the same. Canada is a tolerant, kind and generous nation and it is in the context of our free and democratic society that religious freedom is possible. The encroachment by any religion on our democracy must not be tolerated. I say a clear no to Sharia Law in Canada.

I became committed to the People’s Party after meeting Maxime Bernier and discovering that we share the common political values of individual freedom and small government. Maxime Bernier is the strong and principled leader that Canada needs. I encourage you to take a look at the People’s Party's winning platform. In the "Media" section, you will see links to media interviews with Maxime Bernier. I don’t think you will encounter another leader like Maxime Bernier who will tell you exactly what he will do when elected Prime Minister, and a leader who stands for freedom, respect, fairness and personal responsibility.

This Election is an important one for many reasons. Please consider donating to my campaign and volunteering. I look forward to working together for a strong and free Canada and a prosperous Waterloo.

Thank you.


Erika Traub